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Our product selection is intended to provide you with a wide range of choices to honor your loved one. We offer Streaming Video of the Service, Video Tributes, Book Marks, Guest Books, Stationary, Cards, Religious Items and White Gloves.

Streaming Video of the Service | Bakerview Crematorium & Celebration Centre

Streaming Video of the Service

Now families can view the service on the Internet, with unlimited connections anywhere in the world: • Store/view online on funeral home website • Track number of viewers / video-on-demand viewers • View in "full screen' mode"

Video Tributes | Bakerview Crematorium & Celebration Centre

Video Tributes

Funeral tribute videos are a wonderful way to share memories of a loved one with family and friends. A funeral slideshow and memorial video can be screened prior to or during a funeral service or wake, to celebrate the life of the deceased. Photographs and film footage can be combined with favourite songs and music to create a vivid and enjoyable slideshow/video of happy memories.

Memorial (Guest) Books | Bakerview Crematorium & Celebration Centre

Memorial (Guest) Books

Memorial Books are hand crafted of handmade luxury paper. They include standard gold or platinum interior pages for signing, memorials, family history, floral, service and bearer information. Additional pages can be added and customized to your needs. Memorial Books are available individually and as memorial stationery packages, as shown below, that include Memorial Book, Personalized Candle and embossed Thank You Cards.

Candles | Bakerview Crematorium & Celebration Centre


Memorial candles are made of refined paraffin with cotton braided wicks that provide clean and even burning. The standard pillar memorial candle is 6" tall and provides 10 hours of burn time. Glass memorial candles are available in 3 day (5" tall) and 5 day (8" tall) burning times. Personaize the candle with family photos, verses and more - ask how?

Cards | Bakerview Crematorium & Celebration Centre


Assorted Thank You Cards shown are made of high-quality text and cover weight stocks in multiple finishes with smooth or linen textures. Custom weights, finishes and designs are available to suit your needs. • Standard & Special Thank You Cards • Prayer & Memorial Cards • Special Purpose Cards • In Memoriam Donation Cards • Floral Cards

Religious Items | Bakerview Crematorium & Celebration Centre

Religious Items

Custom Prayer Cards and Stationary with family photos, verses and more. Provide the details and we will design a custom memorial for your family.

Book Marks & Stationary | Bakerview Crematorium & Celebration Centre

Book Marks & Stationary

Custom laminated Book Marks and Memorial Cards. Provide the details and we will design a custom memorial for your family.

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